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of broad technical expertise, intuitive design sense, and bottomless creativity. An efficient solution for projects and clients large and small.

I have an MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I have worked in several fields including aircraft simulation, robotics, industrial gearing, consumer product design and graphic design. Now based in Tulsa, OK, I work full time on a per-project basis.


I am married with a new daughter, and working from home gives me flexibility to provide fast turnarounds for my clients without missing out on this exciting stage of life. I am also rooted in the flourishing open-source and maker communities here in Tulsa, with a strong interest in modern digital manufacturing.


Mechanical Engineering and CAD


I use SolidWorks for CAD, manufacturing drawings, and design analysis. I have done everything from single, optimized parts to complex assemblies with hundreds of components from many suppliers.

Product Design


Many of my clients are entrepreneurs with just an idea or a crude prototype, and I enjoy helping them flesh their ideas out into polished, manufacturable, market-ready products.

Electromechanical Prototyping


I have a host of tools at my disposal for making prototypes of almost any design. From 3D printing to custom electronics, if we can imagine it I can build you a prototype.






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A 200mm quadcopter frame with some special design constraints--to be printable on a hobby-grade 3D printer, to have much better racing aerodynamics than the typical flat-plate frames, and to get maximum stiffness and strength out of inexpensive materials. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a crash before photographing it, but you can see the video linked below.

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